Flushing pictures of your ex may temporarily relieve your stress; it is unlikely that this will make you happy in the long run. It seems sensible to want to get rid of any mementoes from a failed relationship, especially if it was a bad breakup or you are having trouble moving on. However, simply deleting photos won’t help you deal with the underlying emotional pain and distress that may come with a breakup.

Addressing and processing the emotions of a relationship’s demise is a necessary step in moving on. The core causes of your misery are not discussed by deleting images of your ex, but it may give you a feeling of closure and control. Holding back or avoiding uncomfortable emotions might occasionally make the healing process longer.

It’s crucial to give yourself time to process a relationship’s breakup and enlist the help of loved ones, friends, or a professional. It can also be beneficial to participate in self-care and self-compassion-promoting activities, such as exercising, practising mindfulness, and spending time with close friends and family.

The objective of moving on from a prior relationship is to create a healthy and happy relationship with yourself rather than erasing it from your memories. This entails being aware of the past and embracing it while simultaneously emphasizing one’s development, self-improvement, and building a satisfying future. Therefore, to find long-term happiness, it is crucial to concentrate on your emotional welfare and personal development. At the same time, removing images of your ex may offer some short-term respite.