If it is your girlfriend’s birthday and you might be thinking about what you can do for her to make her day special then here are some ideas for you.

1. First of all you can bake a cake for her. Even if you are not the cooking type guy, but still give it a try, this will make her realize that you tried cooking just for her.

2. Give her a special gift. A special gift doesn’t mean it has to be something expensive and luxurious. It can be a handmade cute gift made by you with love.

3. You can drive to a really good view.
A view with the best scenery, with some snacks, and your or your girlfriend’s favorite song in the background.

4. You can go to a park. Going to the park is not just for kids. It can be for you as well. Spend some time around animals and enjoy the moment.

5. Go sing karaoke. Sing your favorite songs and sing your heart out.

6. Have a backyard candlelight dinner. Order some of your girl’s favorite food and arrange it in your backyard in the open space and light some candles and enjoy your candlelight dinner.

7. Play some fun games together.

8. Give her a small surprise. Prepare a small surprise for her in your house, by putting some balloons, candles, handmade cake, some chocolates, and roses.

9. Do a couple dance. Be comfortable and dance as you wish because there will be only two of you and no one is going to judge you. So play some romantic and party songs and enjoy dancing.

10. Lastly what you can do is watch a favorite movie in your house just the two of you spending quality time together and eating your favorite snack.

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