In this article, we are going to discuss all the perks of dating a skinny girl.

1. She is confident about her body

Since we live in a world where skinny girls are highly preferred, you won’t be hearing complaints from her related to her looks. You and your girlfriend would know that she is hot.

2. Great snuggles

Since she is tiny, she won’t take too much space while snuggling or cuddling. You can snuggle wherever you want to and you’d have plenty of places to relax.

3. You’d have bragging rights

Most of your friends would be jealous, especially the ones who are not happy with their relationship. You can totally brag because you’ve got the hot chick all for yourself. Also since you are the only one she wants, you don’t even have to be jealous.

4. She looks fragile but she isn’t

Skinny girls look tiny and fragile and many think that they would get carried away with the wind. However, such is not the case. If anyone gets on her nerves, she’d probably beat them up. She won’t want you to protect her because she can do it herself pretty well.

5. You can carry her with ease

If your girlfriend is of light weight then you can easily make her feel special by carrying her.

If she falls asleep on the couch you can carry her with ease to the bed.

6. She’ll look cute in your t-shirts

Girls love to steal their boyfriend’s clothes. If you are bigger than her then your clothes would be comfortable for her and she’d look adorable.

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