Choosing a gift for guys is quite tough for women, even if it is believed straightforward and simple. Women have a hard time figuring out what will satisfy or upset them because they are built differently. Men, like the times, have evolved. Men have outgrown the cliched choices of giving them a watch or a handkerchief set.
There are a vast variety of presents available for urban men, ranging from beard grooming tools to elegant passport covers. We’ve compiled a list of uncommon presents that you might give your partner to win his heart forever.

1. Beard grooming kit

The new “boy game” is the beard. Most guys nowadays want to flaunt a well-groomed beard, therefore a grooming kit will be the finest gift option. These kits will find their way into his heart for you, from whimsical patterns to tasteful fundamentals.

2. Collar pins

This trend is the new fad in the world of men’s fashion, thanks to Bollywood celebs like Saif Ali Khan and Shah Rukh Khan. It can also be worn as a brooch on special occasions!

3. Expensive pen

Many men choose to maintain a pricey custom-made pen. If your partner falls into this group, consider getting him a personalised pen. You can have his name, birth date, initials, or perhaps a saying that he believes in engraved on it.

4. Customised Passport covers

If your man travels frequently, especially for work, the safest bet is to give him a passport cover, which he will require all of the time. You can personalise it with his initials, name, or favourite quotation to join him in his memory.

5. Cigar boxes

If your boyfriend prefers to smoke a cigar, give him a beautiful cigar box as a gift. Choose the one that best suits your man’s style from a plethora of beautiful cigar boxes available on the market.

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