If your husband has cheated on you once and you’d mostly likely be cautious about his whereabouts.

Here are the signs to be watchful of a husband who has cheated on you once.

1. Doesn’t communicate well

Communication is the key to a successful relationship and if your husband is bottling up his feelings, he is most likely hiding something from you or is scared of hurting you.

2. He is secretive and doesn’t reveal much

A committed man who is having an affair is going to be secretive and is going to use it as a weapon to cheat in future.

3. Observe the efforts they put in

A man who is embarrassed about his indiscretion should do anything to win your trust back and will show you that he is capable of loving you. Notice the efforts he puts in.

4. He doesn’t change his behaviour

If your husband who has cheated in the past continues to flirt and gain a female’s attention even if you are uncomfortable, it is a sign you need to be watchful of.

5. The other woman is still in the equation

If the woman who once had an affair with your husband, continues to meet up with him, is another clear indication you need to notice.

6. Surfacing of cheating guilt

A person who has cheated is most likely to feel the cheating guilt and would try to overcompensate it. However their temptation is going to be present again.

7. He strays away from boundaries

It is normal to be wary of each other if you have reconciled after an affair. If you give each other a chance, you need to follow some boundaries and if he doesn’t then do not miss the red flag.

8. Willingness to take responsibility

Observe his attitude when you confront him about cheating. See whether he is willingly taking responsibility for his actions.

9. Take insights from family or friends

It is always better to take insights from close friends and family members especially if you have been hit by a cheating situation.

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