A breakup is a breakup. No matter the kind of breakup you go through it is going to hurt. After a breakup, you need to realize that nothing is to stay for perpetuity. It is necessary to help you move on in your life.

Here are the 7 ways to bounce back from your breakup.

1. Cutting Down Contact

After a breakup, you should get rid of all the contacts with your ex. There shouldn’t be any texts, calls, emails, or meetings. You should also unfollow them on all the social media handles when your wound is still fresh. It is an important step towards healing after a breakup.

2. Give Yourself a Break and Vent It Out

Breakup leads to overwhelming and intense emotions, and bottling up these emotions further will do you no good. Find ways to vent your pain and anger while ensuring that you don’t hurt yourself and anyone in turn.

3. Go Easy on Yourself

Even if you too were at fault for the breakup, don’t blame yourself. Go easy on yourself and don’t think you deserve to feel unworthy just because you initiated the breakup or they did.

4. Don’t Jump into a Relationship

After a breakup, do not jump into a relationship while you are still recovering. Although getting into another relationship might seem like the best way to get over your ex, it isn’t.

5. Busy Yourself

In the healing phase after a breakup, keep yourself busy. Engross yourself in reading books, trying working out, watch movies or listen to some music.

6. Develop Mindful Habits

Being mindful will help you to be considerate and conscious towards yourself. It helps you to acknowledge your needs which in turn brings joy.

7. Set Boundaries

On-and-off-again relationships are the worst during the process of healing. Before reconciliation think about your relationship and then take the right decision of moving on.

Also, after a breakup, it is always better to limit your contact with your ex.

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