Arousal, or the sensation of being “turned on,” is a combination of physical and mental processes. When you have sexual desire or are in the mood for sex or sexual activity, you are experiencing physical arousal.

Try these arousal-inducing activities to get in the mood for sexual activity, whether it’s with oneself or with a companion.

Here are 7 ways to get in the mood

1. Binge watch Netflix

You don’t have to watch shows merely for the plots. There are a plethora of sexual movies and series available to stream. Since you’re so emotionally involved in the characters, the hookups on Netflix can sometimes be even more intense than the things in pornographic.

2. Soak in the tub

When it comes to arousal, keeping things simple, soothing, and de-stressing is key, so if luxurious baths are your thing, take a soak before getting sexy.

3. In your thoughts, create your personal erotic dream

Porn is entertaining, and love scenes on Netflix or television might be even more so. However, by conjuring up your own sexual fantasies in your head, you can get to where you’d like to go quickly.

4. Dance alone in your room

It doesn’t have to be anything particularly enticing , but you can listen to anything you like. The more you move your body and feel great about it, the more you’ll want to exercise your body in different ways.

5. Make use of mood lighting

Warm, incandescent lamps can help to create a soothing environment. To create a sensual environment, dim or turn off overhead lights and let the magic work.

6. Find pleasure in sex toys

Vibrators, dildos, butt plugs, and other sex toys can cause excitement. To get horny, put on a vibrator and feel the vibration.

7. Try to read some erotica

Reading sexual literature can cause arousal, particularly if your mind wanders while caressing yourself. You might also try listening to auditory porn, which allows you to close your eyes and stroking your body with your hands

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