As a member of society, every individual has to follow the norms and rules given by society. But there are some rules which society does not give us but as a citizen, we must follow some unwritten rules.

Here are some unwritten social norms one must follow

1. One should treat the cleaner with the same respect as the CEO. If one gives respect he gets respect . Everyone deserves to be treated equally.

2. Always give your seat to elderly people and try to help wherever possible. But remember that If you’re not sure if they’re old enough or else You might insult them.

3.One shouldn’t ask an introvert or a shy person what’s wrong with them or asking them ‘why they are not talking more?’ This will make them feel more awkward

4.Try and use as many polite words as possible. Saying polite words like thank you , sorry , please these words put good impression on people about you .

5.Keep yourself and your surroundings clean and tidy. Maintaining hygiene in the surrounding. And nit throwing garbage or spitting on the road is your main duty as the members of society.

6.Showing kindness by opening or holding the door or pulling the chair out for people, regardless of gender .

7.If you want to use things of other people you should firstly ask for permission.

Following such unwritten rules shows your manners.

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