Women are actually simple and don’t wish for many complicated things from a relationship. They expect things that a normal, healthy, and happy relationship should possess.

Here are the 7 things that women love the most about sex

1. Good Sweet Talks

A good, honest talk of love between a couple proves to the woman that her partner is mentally present with her during the intimate moments. Such conversations are considered to be a turn-on for women.

2. Pampering

Who doesn’t love being pampered? Well, women certainly do adore when their men pamper and shower them with love and care. They also love the whispers of sweet nothings in their ears!

3. Respect

Women admire being respected for the decisions they take for their bedroom desires. Also, it is always better to ask for her consent before trying new things.

4. Needs Appreciation

A woman in a long term relationship may feel that her partner might find her less appealing and might feel insecure in bed. Small, small words of appraisal keep her away from this anxiety. Men need not lie in such cases just appreciate the things you admire about her.

5. Admire Affectionate Touching

Romance, hand-holding, kisses and cuddles alone make women feel loved. They always want these tender touches and moments in their healthy and happy relationship.

6. Sex Need Not Be Serious Act

It is believed that light-heartedness and playfulness makes intimate moments relaxing and cherishing. This makes both the parties less pressurized.

7. Warm Attention

Believe it or not, women are fans of attention. Women admire being the center of attention during their love-making sessions. Their need for sweet-delicate moments goes beyond lovemaking. Therefore, they crave for warm and tender affection after sex.

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