You lust after your infatuation and even fantasise about them. However, have you considered whether they think the same thing about you? Flings, on the other hand, can be traumatic.

You devote a significant amount of your energy to obsessing over them. You’ll even waste most of your nights fantasising about the moment when you’ll be brave enough to share your feelings with them – and pray they don’t shun you. So, until they’ve expressed their feelings about you, it’s time to conduct some investigative work and hunt for clues.

Here are 7 soul crushing signs she doesn’t like you back.

1. You have a gut feeling.

You’ve been choosing to suppress that nagging sensation somewhere inside you, but should pay attention to your inner feelings. You can tell when somebody prefers you or dislikes you. No one really wants to know the reality, but you already know it. It’s advisable to heed to your inner voice if it’s telling you that they don’t want you.

2. They’re constantly occupied.

You’ve approached them a bunch of times to meet, but they always seem to be unavailable. If you’re valued, regardless of how occupied they are, they’ll find time to see you. If they can’t spend some time seeing you then this is a sign that they are not interested in you.

3. They don’t pay attention while you speak.

When you seek to chat to them, you can see that their eyes are indifferent and that their mannerism indicates that they are eager to escape. If someone likes you, they’ll pay attention to whatever you speak.

4. They aren’t envious.

If you’re seeing a new person or spending a lot of time with someone of the opposing gender, and they’re not envious. They don’t seem to care about your romantic lifestyle. When they like you, they will be envious of you when they see you with a new person.

5. They refer to you as a “mate.” Or a “friend”.

The worst feeling in the world is discovering that your crush has a friend zoned you. You’d be delighted to be called a buddy in any other situation, but not in this one. T they refer you to other folks as a companion or say things like “you’re such a wonderful pal”. This is also a hint that your admirer does not reciprocate your feelings.

6. They don’t recall the minor details regarding you.

You told them your favourite snack is burgers and potato wedges, or that you enjoy shopping at supermarkets, but they don’t recall. They don’t seem to be able to keep note of the stuff that matters to you. Maybe it’s because they don’t care about those topics. And it may break your heart but you will have to accept the fact that they are not interested in you.

7. They make no attempt to communicate with you

Certain individuals are timid, but if they don’t make an effort to communicate with you, it’s likely that they may not like you. If you’re the one attempting to strike up a conversation with them and they ignore you, they’re not as interested in you, because if they had been, they’d pursue you down as well.

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