Making a marriage work takes two people working together, so it’s critical that you and the man you want to marry be on the same page. When a young man and woman enter the wooing stage, there are a lot of things to consider and questions to be answered. It’s necessary and enjoyable to get to know people. Furthermore, before saying “YES,” it is critical to learn everything you can about someone.

It takes a lot of questions to uncover your possible suitor’s views and viewpoints. So, before you both embark on a serious relationship, you should go further and assess your compatibility.

Here are 6 questions to ask him before saying yes for marriage

1. Questions on his point of view about you working post marriage

Your potential partner must respect and admire what you do for a living. He should never make you feel as though your effort is less essential than his.

Inform him of your regular work routine and talk about how the responsibilities might be shared and handled.

2. Questions about kids

Having children is a huge life transition, and it’s critical that both the man and the woman are on the same page. Asking questions about this will give you a clear idea about his views on having children.

3. Questions on where to settle after marriage

Whether you live with your in-laws or on your own, all options have advantages and disadvantages. And none of you should feel compelled to make this decision. So talk to him and figure out what will work best for both of your families.

4. Ask if he is ready to get married

It’s best to ask this question before proceeding in any way, especially if you are having an arranged marriage. A person is frequently pressured into getting married or at the very least meeting a potential mate. Inquire whether he is serious about getting married.

5. Questions on if he expects a lifestyle change out of you

It’s inevitable that some lifestyle modifications may occur…and that’s fine. After marriage, there will be changes, but they cannot be pushed. Furthermore, small things such as clothing/dressing style should never be a source of concern.

6. Ask his views on personal space

It is amazing to have some by your side but having personal space is equally important in marriage. Marriage should offer you a sense of connection, but it should not rob you of your independence.

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