A toxic person in a relationship always affects the bond and relation of both the partners, it is obvious to find out if your partner is toxic or not by his behavior.

Living in a toxic relationship is not a good option, it can mentally disturb you.

Whether your partner is toxic or not can be known not only through his behavior but also through his text messages.

Here are the ways to know if you are in a toxic relationship through your partner’s texts

1. You are expected to respond immediately

You have an existence of your own and you desire to concentrate on your own life and job. It is not reasonable for anyone to stay glued to their cell phones all the time.

If your partner asks you to answer back immediately, then simply they do not regard your personal space, your job, your time, or yourself. In a healthy relationship, partners know each other and understand that it’s not mandatory to get a response to every text quickly.

2. Your partner intentionally ignores you

A toxic partner may always resist replying to your texts because you were not able to promptly reply earlier.

In a toxic relationship, unhealthy communication habits will grow. Your partner may like to create conflict and drama by resisting you and moving into “radio silence.” communicating to your partner about this can be useful as they might have felt avoided by you in the first place. But make certain you stick only to the problem of texting.

3. Your partner texts you constantly

If your partner goes on messaging you continuously, particularly when you’re busy and not able to respond, then it can be a severe relationship red flag. Even though it may appear cute on the surface, in actuality, these are cautioning signs of manipulation and insecurity.

If your partner messages you until you reply, then it can constantly leave you feeling worried, uncomfortable, and dominated. Also, it can be a severe cause for trouble as it may direct to a lot of irritation and frustration in your partner that will evolve.

4. Sending indirect threats

Toxic partners know their harsh statements won’t just injure your self-esteem, but strengthen the emotional abuse that often takes place behind closed doors. They’re expecting their disguised threats to make you feel like there’s no release from them or their hundreds of texts.

5. They ask plenty of questions

Since toxic relationships are influenced by power and control, partners might feel entitled to learn where you are and who you are devouring your time with. This can direct to relentless doubts that feel more like an inquiry rather than a display of worry.

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