Attraction is a tricky thing. Sometimes it happens right away, such as when you meet through a common friend. Other times, especially if you have social anxiety and are afraid of closeness, it takes a long time to grow.

The elements of asking a girl out on a potential date are the same no matter when you discover you want to be more than friends with her. That’s because using a pickup line, a handwritten love poem, or any other gimmick isn’t the greatest approach to ask a woman out.

It’s more about understanding a process than memorizing a line or a trick when it comes to asking a girl out.

Stop stressing about performing for your crush and learn to approach the circumstance in a way that helps you seem your best.

Here is how you can ask out a girl:

1. Be careful

To lessen the chances of being rejected, be picky about the girls you ask out. Just like aiming improves your chances of scoring, being picky about who you ask out improves your chances of getting a yes. Don’t be too hard on yourself if you don’t have a connection with someone or if she isn’t interested

2. Have faith in yourself

If a female sees you and thinks you’re unorganized and sloppy, she’ll make up her mind before you say anything. If you want her to say yes, you must portray confidence. Remember that the easiest approach to gain self-assurance is to fake it until you make it.

3. Arrange for a game night

Nobody really says no to a game night. It’s a perfect date. Send her a message stating you’d like to challenge her to a friendly game of whatever you think she’d enjoy. Overall, have a good time. Believe it or not, she’ll gladly accept a second date. This one is always a winner.

4. Hide a note

Find something she owns and tuck a note in it asking her out. If you can’t discover anything that belongs to her, purchase her favourite chocolate and include a message asking her out.

5. Body language is the key

If you want her to say yes, you must pay close attention to your body language. When women say a guy looks good, they’re not referring to his body or facial appearance. The majority of the time, they’re discussing his body language. They form an overall opinion of a man’s attractiveness based on these body language indicators.

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