Connecting with your daughter as a mother may be weighing on your mind. There are, however, methods to strengthen your link and create spaces for your daughter to feel more comfortable approaching you.

Be flexible.

One of our most basic wants in relationships is to be heard and accepted. Be as open-minded and nonjudgmental as possible when your daughter is opening up and communicating. Even if you already know the answer, ask questions and let her educate you about her experience.

Support her.

Take your daughter’s side as much as possible. There are lots of other people who can play devil’s advocate in the world. Someone to verify our experience and make us feel supported is more important than a naysayer.

Practice mindful listening.

When your daughter speaks, practice reflective listening by paying close attention to the material and sentiments she expresses. It’s all about making the other person feel understood. Show her you’re paying attention by echoing back what she’s saying.

Allow her to instruct you.

While a mother’s duty might include leading and teaching, it’s also crucial to let your daughter share her knowledge with you as she grows older. As a method of reminding your daughter that you are in a two-way connection with her, be open to learning new things from her.

Allow her to breathe.

Disconnection is also required when connecting. Fish warns that if you never spend time apart, you may lose the ability to appreciate the time spent together. Taking a few days or weeks off from seeing or chatting with each other, depending on your relationship, can help make the moment you reconnect even better.

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