Everybody falls in love with some of the other stages of life. You’ve probably fallen in love at least once in your life, either knowingly or unknowingly. As you grow older, you come to realize that falling in love is an easy part of work, but staying in a relationship can be quite challenging and tricky at times. Love is pure but relationships come up with a lot of responsibilities and compromises to look forward to.

Relationships are never easy. It takes a lot of work to cultivate and to build a relationship. This is how love grows and lasts and how it helps you grow in life with love. So how to ensure that you start your romantic relationships the correct way? While every relationship is exclusive in its way, there are typically five stages every couple goes through while being in a relationship. It doesn’t matter how you have met or how they feel in love or what your goals are or the expectations.

Here is a list of stages a couple has to go through while being in a relationship to have a correct way and grow in it.

 Attraction and Romance Stage

This stage is the first stage of a relationship where everything is just perfect and romantic and full of love. You are in the process of learning regarding your partner, and it has to be perfect since it’s the foundation of your relationship.

 Crisis Stage

This stage is where you know the crisis and you know the relationship in dept, and hence you might fall into a lot of crisis big and small. You might have conflicts and fights of the same as well. All you have to do is hold on to it, and trust the process.

 Working Stage

At this stage, you actually work towards your goals and your crisis and beat all the issues and difficult threads of a relationship to make it more stronger and reliable in nature.

Commitment Stage

In this stage, it’s the most important step wherein you completely accept your relationship and your partner. You commit your life and yourself to the relationship and look forwards to stay together.

 Real Love/Bliss Stage

This stage is the last stay and the most longing and peaceful. You are together with each other, and you are assured that you are going to stay together and it’s all going to work out well.