Life can be challenging at times, and there’s nothing more depressing than seeing a loved one suffer. Here are some suggestions for making someone’s day better and cheering them up. You’ll feel good about yourself for putting out the effort, and the person you’re cheering for will notice how much you care.

1. Give them hugs

Hugging someone is a great way to reduce tension and help someone else feel better. Hugging is a fantastic stress reliever for both parties and is especially useful when words fail. According to study, hugging triggers the production of oxytocin, a natural stress reliever, in the brain. A hug is the next best thing when words fail to convey loving concern.

2. Hear them out

It helps to have someone willing to listen when life gets stressful. A person may simply need to vent on sometimes. Allow the individual you know to express their concerns. Sometimes all it takes is talking to someone else to figure out a solution. It’s your job to pay attention and then let go.

3. Make dinner for them

Sharing food with another person has an added benefit: it allows them to relax and possibly more comfortably express their dilemma. Baking bread with your loved one may be a really pleasant, relaxing, and calming experience. It may also assist in diverting the person’s attention away from their problems.

4. Simply show up

It’s perfectly great if all you can do at times is simply be present. Listening and caring are really valuable, to someone who needs to be cheered. There are instances when there simply aren’t the correct words in the moment that are both comforting and non-inappropriate.

Giving freely of your time demonstrates how much you actually care. Time is a valuable commodity, and the person you care about understands this.

5. Watch a movie together

Gather your favourite munchies and watch a movie together. A wonderful technique to help someone who is troubled take their mind off the matter for a while is to watch a movie.

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