Communication is always the cornerstone of any form of relationship. However, there are also some things that, in a relationship, are expected and don’t have to be “asked for.” Being committed is a lot of work, so be clear about what you want and need from your spouse to make sure you two are on the same page. This will make your link even stronger and lead to a joyful and rewarding relationship. So, we’ve compiled a few fundamental guidelines for treating your significant other in a relationship below that everyone can understand without the help of a mind reader.

1. Respect

Even if they may appear kind and courteous to you, if you find that their relatives or friends don’t share their values, it is a clear indication of how much your spouse values you and how powerless they are to defend you. In essence, this indicates that despite their claims, they don’t really appreciate you as much as they should.

2. Compliments

When you tell your partner that you had a horrible day at work or that you don’t feel like you are in your element, they should attempt to cheer you up rather than always agree with you or continue to make fun of you. You would prefer your partner’s extra attention in those situations than any other person’s.

3. Keeping promises

You don’t need to prod someone to follow through on a commitment they make to you. They just don’t mean what they say if they are unable to make things up to you by keeping their word. People who frequently breach their commitments are not people you can develop with.

4. Dates

You shouldn’t have to nag or plead with your lover for a date every now and again. While staying in with some food and a movie might be utterly wonderful, that shouldn’t be the extent of your “dates” with your spouse.

5. Discuss their ex-partner

From our prior relationships and experiences, we all carry some emotional baggage. Each of us has a name associated with a scar on our back. Everyone will occasionally have the ghosts of their past haunting them, and that is acceptable.

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