Often, the early days of a relationship pass in the fog of bliss. From eagerly waiting for each other on weekdays to talk to spending the whole weekend together cuddling and chilling, everything seemed so beautiful and delightful in those initial days. However, how do you initially set the tone of your relationship to help this last longer? Here is how you can do so. Avoid the mentioned mistakes below.

1) Being too rigid: Don’t be very rigid about what you want or what idea you have for your relationship. Try to understand the other person so that this helps both people to grow and know each other.

2) Performing all the time: In the new romance, you would love to show your love by doing extra for them. You may always show availability and always do what the other wishes, but in the long run, it becomes toxic for you and may ruin things. So, better be yourself and let things happen naturally.

3) Moving too fast: When you find the person you were wishing for, dopamine rushes, and you may try to take your relationship forward within a month or two, which you should not. Give yourself and the other enough time so that both can be ready and comfortable to step forward.

4) Too Much Online: Also, when you find your soulmate, often it happens that you may want to share it with the world, but the other person may not like that. And so, it’s better to avoid sharing insights into your relationship on social media and let others talk about it.

Well, there are more things you should avoid in a new romance, but these are important ones.