Crushing on a guy is easy but when it comes to asking him out, all your nerves turn upheaval. Well, if you are not sure how to ask a guy out, I have cute ways to ask a guy out.

1. Give Him a Cute Note

If you are nervous or feeling shy, writing him a nice note and asking him out is the one for you. You can even send a text message but a note is always better.

Don’t write your name on the note but make sure to give him a heads up that you have sent him something.

2. Go out as Friends

Ask the guy you like to hang out with you. Enjoy your time with him as normal friends and then subtly let him know about your feelings.

Be open minded. You might get lucky and return as a girlfriend-boyfriend.

3. Be Direct – Do You Want To Go Out Sometime?

If you are not the one to run around the bush, you can take the bold step and be direct by asking him out. Ask him out without any ambiguity.

4. Try to Get His Help

In order to avoid sounding desperate, you can get a guy to help you out with some work. This gives you an opportunity to know the guy better and you can find ways to impress him.

5. Ask His Best Friend to Introduce Him to You

If you are friends with your crush’s best friend then you can ask him to introduce you both. Also, he’ll be upfront and tell you the type of girls your crush likes to date.

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