Darshan Raval is a singer and composer from India who is known for his heart-touching lyrical songs. If you are going through a heartbreak, Darshan Raval’s songs will help you through it with its soothing music and relatable lyrics.

Here are 5 songs that will help you go through heartbreak.

1) Bhula Diya

This song released in the year 2019. This song is heartfelt and mellifluous and is unlike anything else we’ve heard before. The pain in his voice will be felt when you listen to this song. Furthermore, the melody is really infectious, and you will find yourself humming it after just one listen.

2) Tera Zikr

Tera Zikr was released in 2017. This single by Darshan Rawal is a melancholy song that expresses various emotions in a new-age love narrative. The song was well-liked by listeners.

3) Asal Mein

This song beautifully expresses the pain of one-sided love story. The beautifully written lyrics along with Darshan Rawal’s voice, will make you feel emotional.

4) Baarish Lete Ana

This song released in the year 2018 and yet manages to dwell in our hearts. This rain song “Baarish Lete Aana,” is dedicated to all individuals who enjoy the monsoon season as well as those who have fallen in love or had their hearts broken.

5) Judaiyaan

This song sung by Shreya Goshal and Darshan Rawal released in the year 2020. The song beautifully depicts both love and heartbreak. There are flashbacks to when the couple was in love as well as shows the phase where it all went downhill.

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