Many zodiac signs have evolved maladaptive coping techniques in response to challenges in their daily lives. As a result, many of them become deceptive in order to gain sympathy from people in their lives. Some even engage in mind games while lashing out at those closest to them.


Pisces can be emotionally domineering because they want to be able to manipulate their lover’s feelings. They are frequently in charge of prolonging disagreements in order to bring further emotional distress to their partner. This is done in order to maintain a condition of shared grief while they are feeling down.


A Libra frequently has weak personal boundaries and is unable to provide their mate personal liberties and space. This is one of the reasons they use mind games to exert control over their spouse by making them feel bad for spending time away from them. However, this might be a destructive tendency that drives their beloved away.


Being aloof by not texting or responding in a reasonable length of time is one of the most prevalent mind tricks that a Taurus engages in with their mate. They are well-known for playing hard to get and frequently keeping their partner in the dark regarding the status of the relationship.


When in love, a Cancer will play mind games with their spouse to see how much they care about them. These are innocent mental games, but they can make things difficult for the lover. Cancer typically seeks a certain response that they have previously planned in their head. They usually test their lovers by asking them questions.

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