If you’ve decided to be friends with benefits or it’s a one-time, no-strings-attached romance, there are many methods to have only physical relationships with other people. Is it feasible to develop a committed relationship during these brief interactions with a loved one, though?

How to make it official can be on your mind if your casual partner seems to be deserving of extended phone conversations, serious partnerships, or even falling in love. The possibility of the connection growing into something more is totally real, and it happens frequently.

The following four pointers can help you advance your casual relationship.

1. Become his best buddy

It’s important to have a strong foundation for your new connection since you don’t want to go into the friend zone. If you are there for him, respect him, give him room, and don’t urge him to treat you like a girlfriend, he will be more inclined to unwind and be himself around you.

2. Be true to yourself

Being falsely represented is not as transparent. You should be able to accept all of your peculiarities from a suitable mate. Not only is it crucial to remain loyal to yourself, but maintaining your own hobbies may also show how fascinating your life is—with or without a significant other.

3. Express your issue

There’s a delicate line between seeming a bit indifferent and playing a little hard to get. Send him a charming or amusing text, propose a road trip (just the two of you), cook for him, or get him a cheap, light-hearted present.

4. Flow freely with it

You need to allow a relationship time to build deeper sentiments when it starts with both people plainly not wanting anything serious. Let everything develop organically and at its own rate. You need to be a little bit patient if you want the relationship to succeed.

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