Is sex starting to be a major issue for you? So you enjoy having sex? That’s fantastic. However, recent troubles in your life have arisen as a result of your sexual practices.

What is sex addiction?

Sex addiction is commonly defined as a compulsive need to participate in sexual behaviors regardless of the potential negative effects.

Here are 10 signs that tell you are a sex addict

1. Avoiding responsibilities

Sex addicts, like any other addiction, frequently prioritize their desire for sex over family obligations, career responsibilities, and pretty much anything else that isn’t sex-related.

2. Sexual activities with several partners

Due to their insatiable sexual cravings, sex addicts are frequently unable to remain loyal to their lovers. As a result, they are more likely to engage in dangerous behaviors such as cheating and performing sexual actions with many partners.

3. Partaking in sex trade-offs

Almost all sex addicts are eager to sell their time and money for unlawful sex, especially when the end goal is illicit sex. Sexual cravings are too intense to resist, thus sex addicts are often eager to part with their hard-earned money and any spare time to satisfy their desires

4. Unable to cut down on the time spent on sexual activities

Sex addiction, like substance addiction, is difficult to overcome because sexual desires get stronger, not lesser, with time.

5. Inability to talk about the problem

If you’ve ever tried to talk to an alcoholic about their drinking, you’ll probably run into the same issue with a sex addict. It’s not impossible; yet, the initial chats can be stressful and frightening for the addict’s loved ones and family members.

6. Displaying great disinterest in a spouse

When one partner is eager to have sex and the other isn’t, this is possibly the clearest symptom of a relationship problem. When one part of marriage starts to avoid sex, it’s usually a clue that something more serious is going on. This may not always indicate an issue with sex addiction.

7. Becoming a porn addict

Constantly participating in porn and sexual fantasies is another sign of sex addiction. This can lead to a slew of issues, as real-life sex frequently falls short of the types of pornographic settings that people witness on the internet or on television.

8. Feeling sorrow or guilt after sex

A sex addict’s ’emotional hangover’ after participating in dangerous sexual behavior is not to be envied. They frequently carry these emotions of inadequacy with them for a long time until they get their next ‘hit,’ and the cycle continues.

9. The casual attitude toward dangerous sexual behavior

Normal people might worry about whether they might contract a sexual disease but sex addicts may travel down this emotional parallel for a time, but regardless of the consequences, all the thinking in the world will not stop them.

10. Loss of sexual function

This is especially common among young boys who watch a lot of porn. When a man watches porn, his dopamine levels skyrocket, conditioning his body to crave those high levels of excitement. This conditioning can impair one’s capacity to function when engaging in ‘regular’ sex with a partner.

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