Here are some of the high-paying occupations for women in male-dominated industries:

Engineering: Engineering has long been a male-dominated industry, but women are increasingly entering the field and occupying high-paying positions. Some high-paying engineering roles for women include petroleum engineer, aerospace engineering, and electrical engineering.

Technology: Technology is another male-dominated industry, but women are slowly making inroads. Some high-paying technology roles for women include software engineer, data scientist, and product manager.

Finance: Finance is a traditionally male-dominated industry, but more women are entering the field and achieving top-paying positions. Some high-paying finance roles for women include investment banker, financial analyst, and portfolio manager.

Law is another male-dominated sector, although women are making inroads. Corporate lawyer, intellectual property lawyer, and trial lawyer are some high-paying legal jobs for women.

Construction is one of the most male-dominated sectors, yet women are breaking down barriers and gaining high-paying positions.