Most of our time is spent in the office with our fellow workers rather than family members. It is important for employees to build and maintain good relations with their co-workers as they can increase your productivity and performance.

When you have a mutual understanding and respect with your peers at the workplace, it leads to quick and better solutions to problems at the workplace.

Additionally, it keeps you happy and inspires you to get more work done on time.

The importance of maintaining a good relationship with fellow colleagues are;

1. Better Teamwork

When you are well acquainted with your co-workers, you are more likely to work better together. Team members who know and respect each other well collaborate on the work. It also increases the productivity of work.

2. Increases Productivity

When an employee is happy he/she is capable of providing quality work. You come up with creative ideas and better solutions while working in a team that trusts, respects and understands you well. Working in a team with good relations increases the productivity of work.

3. Employee Morale Is Improved

When employees spend more time together they develop good relationships. They work together and make work more fun creating a positive working environment.

4. Retention of Employees

Good relations with co-workers and a positive work setting makes a person comfortable at work and he is less likely to seek employment in another company. Employees would prefer to stay where they have better relations rather than starting all over again.

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