Career fulfillment is linked with long-lasting and purposeful happiness and people who are satisfied and committed to their work have a happy life. The degree of satisfaction or fulfillment varies for every person, that is some crave more than others.

The reasons why career fulfillment is important are as follows;

1. Career Fulfillment Is Important for Personal Success

Throughout our lives, our success is judged on the basis of our professional achievements. When we face dissatisfaction in our professional field, we tend to doubt and reflect on our strengths and capabilities.

Career fulfillment is related to personal success because when we are happy with our job, we feel confident and motivated.

2. Most Time Is Spent at Work

We need to be happy and satisfied with our careers because we spend most of our time working. If your career is not satisfying, you are likely to feel bummed and empty your whole life. Therefore, career fulfillment is essential for a happy life.

3. Means for Survival

Only your career has the power to put a plate of food on your table and provide you with all the basic necessities. If you are doing an unsatisfying job you are likely to feel stressed at all times. Having a career-fulfilling job makes you feel comfortable and keeps your stress at bay.

4. Connected with Identity

Your identity is kind of based on your career. Whenever you meet someone, the first thing they ask is ‘what do you do?’

If you don’t have a satisfying career you are most likely to feel down whenever this question pops up.

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