You would greet hotel visitors and assist them with their bags to their rooms. To make their accommodation more comfortable, you’d assist them with simple jobs such as finding instructions or arranging cabs.

You’d work at the front counter or the porter’s workstation, and you’d be the main person to meet customers at a hotel.

You’d greet them with politeness and courtesy, greet them to the facility, and attend to their requirements. You may be responsible for transporting and establishing facilities if the hotel offers conference rooms. You may also be called upon to assist with welcoming chores.

In a high end hotel, for instance, a chief porter would be in charge of directing a group of porters and doormen, organizing shift patterns, and participating in hiring. You’d have to be clever and pay attention to healthcare, security, and safety concerns.

Responsibilities of a hotel porter

The most significant portion of the job role is the obligations and tasks aspect. Here you should describe the duties and responsibilities of this post on a daily basis, as well as how the position fits within the company and who the employee will answer to.

1) Make sure that all luggages and other visitor belongings are appropriately labeled, and that they are delivered to the correct bedroom.

2) Help in receiving phone calls at the front counter and forwarding them to the appropriate personnel within the venue.

3) Collaborate with the client service staff to support in the planning of big occasions and the updating of event signage across the property.

4) Answer allocated guest calls regarding minor room housekeeping and other guest requirements as soon as possible.

5) During the busiest times of the day, assist the bedroom maintenance personnel.

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