We are always studying hard or did when we were in school just so that we score impressive marks and set a perfect career for us. But that’s not where we stop, we also strive hard to win in some extracurricular activities or sports to add to the glory. All these brilliants scores and achievements that we achieve are recorded in a mark sheet or a certificate that we receive and treasure throughout our life. We keep it safe in a file or in a drawer where we can’t spill something on it and it won’t get damaged anyway. However, how important are these certificates in our lives especially in the future?

To answer this, the obvious answer will be that they are very important!! As we pass out of school, we require good marks in order to get admission in a reputed institute. Later these mark sheets help us put an impression in front of the interviewer in the future. Possessing a mark sheet with all ‘A’s’ in it will be stunningly captivating to your employer. Similarly, your certificates, be it is art, sports or any quiz competition are like a cherry on the cake. They will only increase your chances of getting hired in a company that will also pay you well.

Not just academically, but emotionally these achievements will be very dear to you. Even if they are not won for a huge competition, they are still won by you. You were awarded a medal probably along with these certificates and hence you are obvious to save it as long as you live. It will also help you inspire your kids as you tell them the stories of your winning moments. Anytime your youngster needs motivation, you can just show him your mark sheets and certificates to inspire him to study more.