Despite your explanations behind leaving the job, withdrawing from an organization can be both energizing and testing at the same time. Your last day can be an opportunity to celebrate with colleagues, yet you will likewise need to plan for your nonattendance. Also, finishing any leave administrative work or meetings, it is likewise significant that you leave your workspace such that your substitution can without much of a stretch dominate in your place. But, if you are being replaced by someone anyway, why is your last day at work do important?

Your last day of work is a good opportunity to leave on a great footing with your manager or seniors. Building a dependable relationship can help you later in your vocation if you need to apply to another association and need a quality reference from your supervisor and the HR division. Going through your last day bidding farewell to your colleagues can likewise show them that you esteem their assistance and direction during your time at the organization. Finally, ensuring that you’ve finished all undertakings and left them prepared for your substitution to take over can guarantee that the organization will continue pursuing effectively even after you leave. Here are some things you should be going on your last day at work: –

  • Take the contact information from all your colleagues and friends you have been working with. You never know who you might need in future.
  • Visit the human resource department and hand over everything you are possessing that belongs to the company.
  • Make sure to logout from all the laptops or computers you had access to. Delete your personal information if any from company devices.
  • Make sure you take a letter of recommendation from your boos before leaving.
  • Clean up your work desk and drawers. Make sure you don’t leave it untidy.
  • Send a goodbye-email to everyone in the office before leaving. Let them know in advance and not on the same day itself.
  • Finally, just say good-bye to everyone in person. You can arrange a short party for your colleagues if you wish to. Laugh and smile with them one last time.