It’s difficult to hire more people when you need them today but won’t need them in a few months or even weeks. As a result, a temporary staffing agency was formed. Temporary employment services, or temp agencies, provide personnel to a range of enterprises on a short-term or indefinite basis.

Temp agencies, in the eyes of employers, serve many of the same functions as a company’s human resources department, but they may be more efficient and have access to a larger candidate pool. Workers regard temp agencies as a business that will go to great lengths to place them in a position, even if the employment market is difficult.

The workers are employed by the temp agency, which charges firms for the workers it hires to fill tasks. This approach allows people to find short-term, low-commitment jobs while businesses avoid hiring and firing full-time employees to fill a temporary vacancy.


1. The agency has a pool of employees who come in looking for work.

2. The agency screens the workers, screening out undesirable candidates and evaluating the skillsets of those hired.

3. An employer who needs temporary labor signs a contract with the staffing agency. The contract outlines the types of personnel the company is looking for, as well as the hourly wage and other details.

4. Workers with the relevant abilities are selected from the agency’s pool of workers and sent to the new temporary employer.

5. The agency pays the staff on an hourly basis. The employer pays the temp agency based on the hourly wage of all the workers provided, plus a fee for services rendered.

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