The most widely used Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) tool which is used globally is SAP. In today’s world, it is important to understand the features and functionalities that are offered by SAP.

SAP is a software of the enterprise resource planning tool and it is the most used ERP software in the market. It contains various aspects of business management which is covered by hundreds of fully integrated modules. When you use SAP a centralised system of businesses is created which allows every department to access the data and share it to form a better work space for all the employees.

Here are some of the importance of SAP.

1. Data centralisation

The main thing about SAP is that it can put different processes and business functions data at a single centralised location. Therefore, sharing of data and information across the business units and departments gets easier.

2. Automation

SAP makes the processes streamlined and enables the automation of workflows. According to the approval and rejection guidelines defined by the system, the data from various processes flows automatically.

3. Accessibility

SAP can be deployed through cloud or on premise which makes it highly versatile and accessible. Various mobile based applications are also provided by SAP for its features and application.

4. Globalisation

For different geographical locations and globally currencies SAP provides support which makes it useful for international operations.

5. Visualisation

You can view all the important data pointers in an easy format with the help of reports and dashboards functionality offered by SAP.

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