A government job in India is widely sought after because of the employment stability, perks, and, most crucially, compensation. Following are some of India’s highest-paying government jobs:

Officer of the Indian Administrative Service (IAS): IAS officials are in charge of the country’s administrative affairs. They are in charge of putting the government’s plans and initiatives into action. An IAS officer’s initial pay is around Rs. 56,100 per month.

Officers in the Indian Foreign Service (IFS) represent India in other nations and international organizations. They are in charge of representing the country’s interests overseas. An IFS officer’s initial pay is roughly Rs. 56,100 per month.

Officer of the Indian Police Service (IPS): IPS officers are in charge of preserving peace and order in the country. They are in charge of preventing and detecting crime, as well as keeping public order. An IPS officer’s initial salary is around Rs. 56,100 per month.

Defense Services: The Indian Army, Navy, and Air Force all provide a variety of high-paying jobs. A commissioned officer’s beginning salary in the Indian Army is roughly Rs. 56,100 per month. The officer’s compensation rises with rank and experience.

PSUs are government-owned firms that engage in a combination of industries such as oil and gas, electricity, steel, and mining. Engineers, management grads, and other professionals can find high-paying positions at these firms.

University Professors: Professors in many areas such as engineering, business, law, and medicine can find high-paying work at government institutions in India.