It very well may be difficult to request downtime from your work, in any event, when you’re qualified for excursion leave. It can especially be hard if you have a strict boss who is very strict about your work. Most of the time you just feel guilty or nervous when you have to ask for a leave. Another reason is that you might fear that doing so will put your job at a risk. In any case, you still need the leave and here’s how you can ask for it:-

  • Check your vacation policy – Numerous associations have a lean staffing plan and that implies that each labourer is missed when they remove time from the work. That may make it harder to get downtime, particularly on the off chance that you ask without prior notice. Check your company’s vacation or leave policy and then see how many days you get for the leave and plan accordingly.
  • Mentioned the type of leave you want – If your company allows some number of leaves for an individual in a year, see how many you have left and ask for the leave accordingly. You don’t want to rush in your boss’s office asking for leave and having him to mention that you are already out of leaves for this year.
  • Don’t ask for it suddenly – Give notice to your boss well in advance so that he can create or divide the work when you are gone or at least ask you to finish your part. Also, if you ask for a leave on time, you are more likely to get rejected.
  • Be detailed – Let your boss know what your reason is behind your leave. Don’t make it urgent or lie about it being an emergency just so you get the approvement. Be genuine and list the reasons so that your boss can consider your situation as well.
  • Do it in writing – Ask for the leave with a written letter addressed to your boss. Just asking for leave in person will make it look informal and also reduce your chances of approval. A written letter guarantees proof that you asked for the leave and also omits the chances of your boss forgetting about it.