Here are some easy & effective ways to help you get rid of bad boss

Submit a complaint

Some employers aren’t frightened of their staff, but they are terrified of their superiors. A supervisor aspires to be a manager, and a manager aspires to be the CEO. Even the worst bosses can be placed in perspective by a formal written complaint about their actions. The more employees complain about their bosses’ behaviour, the less likely they are to advance in the company.

Do not make it personal

Many people lose their jobs as a result of a disagreement with their manager. Some people may take a professional circumstance, such as a poor employer, and make it wholly personal. Separate professional and personal matters unless you’ve spent enough time with your boss to know that he or she is the meanest person who ever walked the face of the Earth.

Be direct while remaining polite

When you do speak with your manager, don’t waste any time avoiding the subject. Inform your manager that his or her actions are lowering productivity and morale. It’s a good idea to obtain feedback from your co-workers; chances are they have similar feelings about your employer. If things are very hectic at work, you might want to postpone your bull-fight with the boss until things quiet down.

Take this job and throw it away!

You may be forced to submit your resignation letter if you have no other option. Your employer can be so inconvenient that it affects your productivity and efficiency as an employee. If you believe that the tension between you and your employer is getting in the way of your company’s goals, resigning may be a good option. Maybe your supervisor gets along OK with your co-workers, but it’s just you that has an issue with him or her.

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