A salute is an indication of respect for one’s country. From the perspective of the militant, it demonstrates a sense of trust among the warriors and pride in being an Indian. Below is a list of the different salutations used by the Indian Army.

1. Indian Army – Open Palm Forward

The Indian Army bows by raising an open palm in front of them. The right hand is used, with the middle finger almost reaching the brow and the thumb and fingers joined. Because the individual saluting is defenseless in front of his superior, it has significance in an army.

2. Indian Navy – Open Palm Down

By facing the ground with their open hand, the Indian Navy shows respect. It is positioned at a 900-degree angle from the forehead. This is the case because previous sailors used to get their hands covered with muck and oil, therefore they kept their palms open and towards the ground so as not to anger their superiors.

3. Indian Air Force – Open Palm At 450 Angle

Prior to the introduction of the open palm at 450 degrees from the ground salutation in March 2006, the Indian Air Force also made the same gesture as the Indian Army. The right arm should be raised slightly less in this salute than in others.

Note: Paramilitary Forces of India – CRPF, and ITBP used to salute the same as the Indian Army.

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