To help its workers live simpler lives and achieve a better work-life balance, Indian businesses provide a variety of paid and unpaid breaks. The sorts of office leave are essentially the same everywhere, while the specifics may differ from business to organization.

Additionally, many businesses provide their employees with different sorts of leaves as added bonuses. How many various kinds of leaves are there, and what are these office leaves?

Let’s take a closer look at the different types of leaves offered by Indian companies:

1. Casual Leave

The most common sort of leave used by employees is casual leave. People use these office leaves when unanticipated situations arise that may need them to take a day or two off work to attend to personal concerns.

2. One-day leave

Employees typically take one-day leaves—the most popular kind—when they need a quick break or just a day to themselves to take care of personal errands.

3. Sick Leave/Medical Leave

Sick or medical leaves are utilized in the workplace when an employee becomes unwell and is unable to report to work, as the term implies. After a certain amount of time has passed after joining the firm, an employee is eligible for sick days.

4. Maternity Leave

Although giving birth is a miracle, working mothers who are expecting a child may find it challenging to manage their job and health. Most Indian businesses provide maternity leaves—a sort of leave accessible for women employees who are pregnant or expecting a child soon—to make their lives easier.

5. Paternity leaves

Male employees who are about to become parents are eligible for this form of leave. Prior to or right away following the baby’s birth, paternity leave is implemented. Paternity leaves are offered by all respectable businesses, however, they are still uncommon in private Indian firms.

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