There are rumors of a recession looming all over the world economy; the Indian economy has so far managed to stand still amidst wars, disasters, government’s ups and downs, calamities, and other phenomena. And if you are starting your career or wish to change your job, these jobs can be a good option for a better salary.

Software Architect: It is one of the country’s most revered professional fields, with growing technology in all sectors. Software engineers design, text, and manage software; good work can get paid up to 32 lakh per year in India. You need to have strong knowledge about the software world. A Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science is a must.

Artificial Intelligence Or Machine Learning Engineer: The Tech and IT sectors are booming massively. AI has simplified tasks that take hours, workforce, and resources. Along with that, the creativity and digital space are increasing. And this can help you earn up to 12 to 14 lakhs per annum. And higher salaries can go up to 25 to 45 lakhs. For this job, you should be an AI and machine learning specialist. You need a degree in Bachelor of Science or a Bachelor in Technology program.

Data Scientists: Data scientists should know how to find patterns and trends in a dataset to unveil insights, create algorithms, and other important details to improve the quality of content. And this industry is evolving rapidly. You can expect 14 to 25 lakhs per year. For this job, you need to pursue a degree in data science. Also, additional skills will be the cherry on the cake.