Understand your deal.

The length of your notice period will be discussed during the interview stage, so be honest about it and don’t make promises you won’t be able to follow. You may believe that the length of your notice period will influence the hiring manager’s choice to offer you the job over someone with a shorter notice period, but this will not look well on you if you are unable to lower your notice time following the job offer. The best approach is always to be honest.

Help your employer to find your replacement

Aside from not wanting to lose a valuable employee, it’s probable that the idea of finding a successor is causing your current employer the most anxiety. Because time and money are both important considerations, whatever you can do to assist will undoubtedly benefit your cause. Offer to aid in the recruitment of a suitable replacement, drawing on your network and any past experience with recruitment agencies.

Be empathetic

Consider your employer’s perspective and what they could be thinking when they get your resignation. It’s possible that giving your notice will come as a complete surprise to them, so don’t ask right away whether you can negotiate your notice term. Not only will your employer be disappointed that you’re leaving, but they’ll also be concerned about the time and money it will take to replace you. Even on a more personal level, depending on your reason for leaving, they may be concerned about how this would reflect on them and how they are seen as a manager.

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