Do things differently every day.

By doing activities you regularly do on autopilot in a different way, you can force your brain to establish new connections and pathways. Use your non-dominant hand to brush your teeth. As if you were moving backward in time, walk around. Make up a new language for yourself. Do anything you can to spice things up! In your brain, this creates new pathways and connections. We frequently take for granted how simple life is, especially once we’ve mastered the fundamentals. When you switch it up, your brain has to relearn the ability, which makes it more difficult.


Meditation has been demonstrated in numerous studies to be beneficial not just to stress levels and mood, but also to brain functioning. It has been demonstrated to boost brain blood flow, patience, focus, and memory. It’s also extremely soothing. Every day, set aside 30 minutes. You can do this in 10- 15-minute increments 2-3 times per day. It is best to do it when you first wake up, after you exercise, and right before bedtime.

Begin to engage in regular aerobic activity.

It appears that aerobic exercise is more beneficial. Exercise for 45 minutes twice a day, in the morning and before bed. After you workout, you should ideally combine this with meditation. This is also beneficial for your waistline, and fitness can help you feel better. Your brain will be more engaged and you will feel better if you release more endorphins throughout your exercise sessions.

Examine your strengths and weaknesses.

There is now a significant distinction between what you enjoy and what you excel at. You may believe that your abilities are simply things you enjoy doing, but it’s vital to realize that your talents are often things you don’t enjoy or even consider. This is why it’s critical to examine what you’re truly capable of.

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