According to Glassdoor, Google is one of the highest-paying companies in the United States. It’s also a diverse company that has an impact on our daily lives. There isn’t a more well-known company that truly merits the attention it receives. However, if you’re fresh out of school and have a low GPA, you’ll need to be strategic about landing one of those high-paying jobs.

Here are a few tips to land a job at Google

1. Obtain experience in the field

It is critical to gain professional experience before applying for a job at Google.

2. Develop your coding abilities

Build up your coding skills if you’re applying for an engineering career. GPA is only one factor to consider. When you’re first starting out, it’s more important to focus on your ability to comprehend code, come up with new ways to improve it, and ramp up quickly.

3. Job application

Focus on internships, university recruiting, and referrals rather than applying externally through the company website. If you have to apply outside, such as through a company website, your odds of securing an interview are slim.

4. Contact a Google recruiter directly

According to Glassdoor, many users’ first contact with Google was with a recruiter, after which they progressed to interviews with Google employees if the conversation went well. Otherwise, you might be able to speak with a recruiter at your institution or college.

5. Develop a specialty

Develop a specialty and become a “T-shaped” person, according to Google. Google is on the lookout for ‘T-Shaped People,’ who are very proficient in one area and often the top in their profession, but also have other interests.

6. Exceptional resume

Getting beyond the resume screen is the most difficult aspect. They receive 3000 resumes every day and are unable to interview all of them. A strong resume and cover letter are the first steps in persuading Google to recruit you.

Because Google prefers applicants that are active, innovative, and eager to learn, your CV and cover letter should illustrate how you’ve demonstrated initiative, implemented ideas, and extended your education.

7. Demonstrate your enthusiasm for technology and the organization

One must adore the company for which they are interviewing. Be enthusiastic about what he or she is interested in. However, it is the enthusiasm that an interviewer may notice that makes the difference.

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