Patiently waiting is a part of the job hiring process. You leave a job interview for your ideal job feeling relieved. You’ve been worrying about it for weeks, and now it’s finally done. You were spot on with all of their queries. But days went by and you didn’t receive a call from the interviewer, and you started wondering why? What went wrong? It’s because you never attempted to follow up with the interviewer thereafter.

While many people focus on the processes leading up to interviews, the actions you take shortly following an interview can have a big impact on whether or not you receive the job.

Here are the things you should do after completing an interview.

1. Always inquire about the subsequent steps.

After you’ve finished with the interview round and the interviewer has greeted you for attending, you should inquire about the next steps. You can ask questions such as, When are you likely to receive feedback? or how long will it take to complete the process? This will make the interviewer assume that you are very keen to work with them.

2. Always ask for the business card.

Collect business cards or phone numbers from each interviewer well before you exit the premises. When you want to call your recruiters or anyone else from the organization following the interview, you’ll require all of those details.

3. Send a Letter of Appreciation

You should write a gratitude letter to your recruiters within several hours of the interview, ideally within 24 to 48 hrs. Mailing a thank you letter is vital because it indicates you are grateful for the chance, it distinguishes you from the competition, and it allows you to repeat your qualifications and why you are the ideal contender for the job.

4. Calm yourself when it comes to the follow-up.

There’s a thin line between being eager and being obnoxious, and you don’t want to come out as pushy. After you’ve sent your gratitude note, check up around a week later. Note that how you manage the post interview process is just as essential as how you fared during the interview itself.

Knowing what to do after an interview can make all the difference between being the preferred applicant for the job and being one of the many prospective contenders.

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