The following are the top 10 industries where women are making considerable progress:

Women are making progress in technology, which has historically been controlled by males. Women are making an impact in the technology business, from programmers and engineers to executives and entrepreneurs.

Finance: Women are making considerable progress in the financial business, with several holding positions of leadership in large financial organizations.

Women are breaking down barriers in the legal field, accounting for a greater proportion of attorneys and judges.

Women have always been an ambitious force in healthcare, with many holding crucial positions as physicians, nurses, and healthcare managers.

Media: From journalists and editors to producers and executives, women are making gains in the media sector.

Women are breaking down boundaries in the entertainment sector, breaking down barriers in disciplines including acting, directing, and producing.

Women have always been a leading force in the education business, holding several leadership roles in schools and institutions.

Entrepreneurship: Women are making their mark in the business world by founding and operating successful firms in a variety of areas.

Politics: Women are breaking down political boundaries by taking significant positions in government and campaigning for office at all levels.

Women are making gains in science, breaking down barriers in subjects such as physics, chemistry, and biology.