The air arm of the Indian Armed Forces is the Indian Air Force (IAF). Its principal role is to protect Indian airspace and perform aerial combat during times of armed conflict. Working in the Indian Air Force (IAF) means being surrounded by supersonic jets, cutting-edge technology, and the best of people. You’re right in the thick of things. The Air Force provides you with cutting-edge facilities, an exceptional way of life, and an environment that brings out the best in you.

Whether you are a graduate, have completed your education, or have completed your tenth grade, the Indian Air Force has a rewarding job opportunity for you. You can join the Indian Air Force to help ensure your and your family’s future. IAF, on the other hand, is purely concerned with graduation prospects.

Officer Positions in the Indian Air Force

Depending on one’s educational qualifications, one can join the Indian Air Force as an officer in the flying, technical, or ground duty branches. The IAF is divided into three branches, each of which has its own sub-stream:

1. Fighter pilots, transport pilots, and helicopter pilots are among the flying branches. During both peace and war, you would be working as one of these pilots. As a graduate, you can enter the aviation branch [through the CDS exam (men), the AFCAT exam (men & women), or the NCC special admission (men)]. You can also apply after 10+2 if you pass the NDA/NA exam.

2. Mechanical, Electronics branch, You will be responsible for some of the world’s most advanced equipment. You can enter this branch via the AFCAT test or the University Entry Scheme (UES.)

3. Administration, Accounts, Logistics, Education,branch , You would be in charge of caring after and maintaining human and material resources, managing funds. You can enter this branch after passing the AFCAT exam.

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