Are you confused between a software developer and a software engineer? Even though at times these terms are used interchangeably, there is a vast difference between them. Their roles, responsibilities and other characteristics differ a lot.

Software Developer

The software which runs around various types of computers are built by software developers. These professionals write the code or the program from the start. The application they develop can be any mobile apps such as Instagram, desktop applications such as Photoshop and web apps like Twitter or Facebook.

Everything that is done by a software engineer can be done by a software developer. However, they can do it on a limited scale only. The development plans and programming software, monitoring the end-to-end projects are managed by these professionals.

These professionals need to have a specialised degree in information technology or computer programming. They have good working knowledge of the needed frameworks and web development such as JavaScript, AngularJS, ReactJS and jQuery.

Software Engineer

The professional who implements the knowledge and principles of software engineering to design, develop, maintain, test or evaluate the computer software is known as software engineer.

These professionals usually work with various components of the hardware system. It is a team based activity. Their main focus is on the structural design and they often see the bigger picture.

The software engineers need to have a Bachelor’s Degree along with some degree in Computer Information Technology. They are required to have a good knowledge of computer science with proficiency in mathematics.

Such professionals need to have experience in debugging software and systems.

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