Looking for a job might be a mighty challenge, however, there are many ways to reduce your job search and find a good job. This article deals with the reasons why finding a job is difficult and ways to overcome it.

Finding a job is a challenge because:

1. Companies tend to hire internally: companies give higher preferences to those working for the company for the available position.

2ยท Not all jobs are publicly posted: The jobs with vacancies are not always posted on the public job boards which makes hunting for a job difficult.

3. Highly competitive positions: A single vacancy has hundreds of applications and for them to achieve the post, they need to attract the eye of the employer. With larger applications, it becomes difficult for the employer to go through all the application materials.

Here are some ways to increase your chances of getting a job.

1. Always keep your resume updated and tailored as per the position

Ensure that your resume is well-structured and readable. Make sure to customize the application and see whether it matches the desired skills for the job posting. Change the skills in the resume section as per the job posting. Keep the wording concise in your resume and keep it simple.

2. Expand your connections

Connections with people will help you get better jobs quickly especially the ones that are not posted on the public job boards. Enquire with family and friends about various hiring opportunities. Make sure to attend job fairs and events that you are interested in. They are a great way of building up your connection.

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