The Central Armed Police Forces is the official name for India’s seven security forces, which are overseen by the Ministry of Home Affairs (CAPF). The Central Armed Police Forces (CAPF) examination is a government recruiting exam administered by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC). You were appointed Assistant Commandant. The Assistant Commandant (AC) is in charge of guarding borders and industrial corridors. Aside from that, they command a force of 150 armed soldiers. They are typically used to hold elections and preserve normalcy. To keep the army prepared for any operations, the AC must organize, administer, and supervise sufficient training. UPSC holds CAPF tests once a year, and because the process is lengthy, it takes more than a year to finish.

Eligibility Criteria

· Foreign nationals are not eligible to be appointed or hired unless they have acquired written approval from the Central Government.

· Males and females are both eligible for the position.

· Every candidate must have a Bachelor’s Degree from a government-recognized university.

· Candidates who have taken the qualifying tests but have yet to receive their results may apply for the CAPF exam.

· The age range for applicants is 20 to 25. For those from the SC/ST group, the upper age limit of five years can be lowered.

The UPSC CAPF offers many opportunities for advancement as well as competitive remuneration. The compensation rises along with the advancements and responsibilities that come with them.

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