PT also known as Physical therapy, concentrates on helping in improving your activity, mobility, and function. A physical therapist might do this by using several exercises, stretches, or other physical training.

OT also known as Occupational therapy, concentrates on enabling you to perform your daily chores more easily. This kind of therapy directs on enhancing your gross motor skills so that you can perform particular day-to-day activities easily.

The most crucial difference between PT and OT is that a Physical Therapist concentrates on enhancing the patient’s capacity to move their body whereas an Occupational Therapist concentrates on enhancing the patient’s capacity to perform activities of daily living.

Also, Physical therapy’s main function is related to physical improvement whereas Occupational Therapy’s main function is related to both mental and physical improvement.

Physical therapy and Occupational Therapy can be found in various settings comprising hospitals, private practice, and long-term care facilities. PTs and OTs aren’t restricted to particular healthcare settings, a therapist can also function in school setting, fitness settings and sports settings.

The altogether objectives of Physical Therapy focus on enhancing or restoring movement, strength, reducing pain, and prohibiting your condition from getting more painful.

The overall objectives of Occupational Therapy focus on maximizing your ability to safely and effectively conduct various daily chores.

Occupational therapy support the well-being in every part of person’s life, which can include emotional, physical, social and occupational.

But Physical therapy’s central motive is to treat the injury and not every part of patient’s life.

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