First of all, nursing is not only for females, it is a job for all genders. The term “Nurse” appears from the Latin word “nutrire” which implies to suckle. Historically, the nursing position has been predominately a female career. This social abstraction has automatically eliminated men from joining the profession and it developed a stigma.

The cliche toxic masculinity roles statement that men are not empathic. They cannot nurture. They are not emotional. Those positions are reserved for females only. But it’s not only a role for females. It’s much more than that. It’s about forensics, flight nursing, emergences, ICU, anesthesia, and progressive practice nursing. Those are only a few roles where both men and women can prosper in the profession.

Healthcare back then was a masculine-dominated career with doctors in a major role. The ‘doctors’ handmaiden’ conception, denoted a division of work, strength, and impact based on gender disparities. Where the female-dominated nursing career was deemed to be subservient to the masculine doctor role.

In contemporary television, male nurses are sometimes depicted as being homosexual displaying feminine and flamboyant traits. Meanwhile, masculine hero roles are conserved for male doctors. Those are the ones who rejuvenate the patient back to life and save the life of the patient.

Nurses should be contemplated “Nurses” and not be identified as a gender-specific profession. Gender barriers are falling. As a community, we are entering a period of neutrality. For the sake of our future, when motivating either males, females, or transgenders to join into a profession, gender prejudices should be put aside. Gender-neutral rebranding of nursing, as well as an emphasis on a revived focus on abilities and caring values, should underpin the profession.

Nursing should concentrate on gender neutrality as obstructed by old standards and predominately feminine roles.

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