When seeking employment, it’s critical to have a strong cover letter to go through with your business job application. However, you may be undecided about whether your cover letter or cv should be printed or written.

Resumes and cover letters are the documents that showcase you to the supervisor or staff member conducting the meeting. Individuals used to compose a resume or cover letter with their hands a long time ago. However, as a result of the introduction of technology, the way people communicate has altered.

Professionals nowadays opt to type their CV letters rather than write them by hand. This is desired not only by potential hires, but also by companies for a variety of factors.

Here is why it is better to send typed resumes or cover letters than handwritten one.

1. It appears to be genuine.

Consider delivering a handwritten cv or cover letter and it being left on the table unopened. This is since the employer gets a large amount of applications and cover letters each day, and your application is more likely to be overlooked if it does not provide an attractive initial impression.

2. Companies are looking for proof of tech skills.

A recruiting supervisor will be interested in learning about your computer knowledge. This can be demonstrated by delivering a cover letter that you developed on a desktop and printed out.

3. It’s simple and fast to modify.

The application you use to type the cover letters has a variety of other features, such as modification, grammar check, and so on. This cannot be asked from human hands to perform at the same speed as robots and computers. As a result, altering on computer systems is simple.

4. The pen’s colour fades with age.

Firms usually have a stack of applications with them, and you never know if yours will be chosen on the moment when you deliver it. As a result, the pen’s colour becomes dry over time and leaves a terrible imprint. To avoid this, use printed cover letters instead of handwritten ones, as printed letters do not fade with time.

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