Very few candidates choose to join a company because of job satisfaction. Employees first determine the salary aspect and the rest is ignored. Job satisfaction is important because you have spent almost half of your life to gain education enough to be able to get a decent job. If even after this you don’t get job satisfaction in your workplace, what is the use of all the hard work and efforts? If the salary remains your ultimate goal, your mind won’t be focusing on enjoying the work given to you. You will only care about completing the given task at a particular time as a robot.

Ill effects of no job satisfaction

  • Problems at home – An upset mind drags your negative emotions at home. You get annoyed by little things and this cause trouble between your partner or family members.
  • Lost interest – You lose focus and dedication towards your job since you get no happiness in completing a task. You get your salary but your heart aches for happiness.
  • Bad role model – If you keep working at a place that gives you nothing but paychecks, your children or younger siblings will lose faith in you and that will affect their life. They might get demotivated seeing you and lose interest in studying.
  •  Regrets in future – Someday in future, you will look back in the past and regret that you accepted such a job. You will wish you had given up the boring job and pursued something that gives you joy.
  • Less productivity – Since you get no satisfaction in your job, you don’t take your work seriously enough. You become the focus of your colleagues and boss for lower efficiency. This affects your promotions making you depressed and sad.

When we study hard during our school or graduation, we only do it because we have a certain subject of interest that makes us do well in all other subjects. Similarly, if you work in a place not meant for your interests, your overall performance is affected. You keep missing your interests are that only brings depression.

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